I want to quickly talk about a decision you must make if you desire to proceed forward with building a SimPit. Specifically, one like mine.

Prior to building one I was obsessed with DCS: A10c. So much so, that I was convinced I wanted to build a full pit modeled after one. There are also other folks making pits modeled off the Mirage, F-18c, etc. It does not take long to find some pretty impressive builds on the DCS Forums. My challenge with these is that you can only really fly one jet; who the heck wants to only fly one?!

Here is a pic from RomeoKilo’s pit on the forums. Absolutely STUNNING Work.

While my pit is undoubtedly inspired by the Hornet it can be customized beyond just use for the Hornet. I use a digital touch screen with a custom interface using IKARUS (more info on all of this later) that allows me to program/customize for any full fidelity aircraft in DCS.

Here you can see my fully functional Hornet UFC.

This gives me the ultimate flexibility in controlling the many functions and controls of a wide variety of aircraft. I had originally contemplated at least creating a “real” hornet UFC, but you know what solidified my decision?

I have started working on a UFC for the A-10c, thus integrating my simpit for more than just the Hornet.

That’s my partially working UFC for the A-10c. It took about an hour to do all of that. Further, see all of that room below? It offers me even more flexibility to program additional functions to the touchscreen. After that, I just need to place the digital instruments where I have the Hornet’s and BAM… a working pit for the A-10c and I never have to reach for a mouse.

Warnings/lamps can be customized for any aircraft.

In the display sections below the right/left DDIs you can see lamps/warnings; Just like the UFC these can be customized for any aircraft.

I am in no way shooting down the beautiful work of those who decide to create one very real SimPit. Their work is far better than mine…I’m only offering up the perks of looking cool while still offering practicality and flexibility of operating a multitude of other aircraft.

Guppy, out.

2 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. Hi Guppy: I love your pit. Really awesome. I came across your DCS Forum thread and, I’m reaching out to ask your assistance. I’ve built a modest pit (WIP) using Capt. Zeen’s Helios Profile (see my pit below). However, I’m interested in using your digital UFC rendition for placement on my Liliput UM-80 8″ USB Touch Screen Monitor. Can you provide me with some pointers on how you created your UFC?


    1. I purchased an image rendering software similar and cheaper than PhotoShop called Affinity. I made each of the buttons as an image; image on and image off. In IKARUS or Helio, too… you can place and image/button and link it to the function. I’ll be posting more about this soon, but I’ve been a bit slow to do it.


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