Monitor Madness

If you have seen pictures of my pit you know I run more than one display; there are 7! That does not count my 8th monitor on my desk. Here is what I’m rocking:

1: Primary: 34” GSYNC ASUS ROG Swift PG-8Q
2: L DDI: HDMI LCD 10.1” 2560×1600 IPS LCD
3: R DDI: HDMI LCD 10.1” 2560×1600 IPS LCD
4: L  Lower: HDMI LCD 8” 800×600
5: R Lower: HDMI LCD 8” 800×600
6: AMPCD: HDMI LCD 8” 800×600
7: UFC: HDMI Touch LCD Screen 8” 800×600

Doing a brief test of one of the 8-inchers.

In order to power all of these displays you’ll need quite the computer for a couple of reasons:
1) You’ll have to run DCS in window mode. Graphics cards aren’t super optimized to run in window mode because you are still processing, at the same time, all of the things going on in Windows. But if you want to pull the incockpit displays you have to run in window mode.

In FPS-speak, if I run the game in normal window mode and not power any of my other monitors I get upwards of 120 fps on nearly max settings. Otherwise I’m hanging around 60fps.

2) You’re running a lot of real estate (read: pixels) with all those other monitors – this will be a performance hit.

Okay, what type of PC are you running Guppy?

My custom built PC! it’s GIANT
Must keep the water cooling loop guarded at all times!

I run a custom water cooled PC for overclocking and it contains:
– Intel 8700k overclocked to 5.3ghz
– 32 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM
– ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E
– 2x Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti
Note: I run the video cards in SLI when I’m not playing DCS. When I am I turn off SLI because I can use all of the ports for both video card, 4 each or 8 total.
– Storage: 1x 250GB NVGE for Windows; 1x 500GB SSD for DCS and related apps; 1x 500GB SSD for just random files/programs; and finally, 2x 4TB (8TB total) HDD for Steam games in a RAID 0 Array.

Alright so you know what monitors I use and what PC I’m using to power all of this. Let’s circle back to Fusion 360. If you recall in my previous post I was all about learning how to use Fusion.

One of the primary issues I faced when I received the monitors was how the heck was I going to mount these into the front console?

Recesses in the back of the console allow me to place the monitors for a perfect fit!

I knew I wanted 0.5″ MDF, so I measured the thickness of the monitors and actually recessed them into the console itself. This provided a perfect mounting solution. Even better, the monitor does not sit a half inch back from the front of the console… this makes angles and seeing the displays easier.

This is my first pit but you can see how easily they just sit within the MDF.

Once I had the monitors everything else just sort of took shape. I’ll leave you all with just a bunch of images of my first concept – I think you’ll start to see how everything came to be.

Front side of the main console.
Mounting the electronics. Nothing fancy, but it does get the job done.
A close up.
getting there!
holy cable management
Well, that cleaned up nicely!

1) Find monitors that suit your need. You do not have to run as many as I do.
2) Make sure your system can meet the demands of such a setup
3) Again, CAD, specifically Fusion 360 will save yourself a lot of struggles by providing design solutions that might be quite difficult to cut yourself.

Next Post:
Unsure, I’m thinking about jumping into Fusion 360 and showing you some stuff I learned as well as a little show-off of my model. Or I’ll discuss pulling the displays from the game and getting them to display on your monitors. We’ll see.

Hopefully this helped!
Guppy, out.

Links: (sometimes these die, so search ebay with the title of the link and you’ll get a hit)

HDMI LCD 8” 800×600

HDMI Touch LCD Screen 8” 800×600

HDMI LCD 10.1” 2560×1600 IPS LCD

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