First, sorry it has been several days since my last post. Things have been quite chaotic during the new year. Second, a lot of folks are curious about me rewiring my HGU-55/p with new headphones, microphone and TrackIR. It’s a really easy process. I’ll detail the things you need as well as the general steps.

Here she is! All wired up and ready to go.

Items Needed:
– A helmet, does not need to be the HGU-55/p
– Headphones (I used Sennheiser HD 598, but ultimately you can use anything. If you’re fine destroying a pair of $200 headphones like me then all the power to you!)
– TrackIR Clip Pro (Duh)
– A microphone (I used Antlion Audio ModMic 5 because it has sticky magnets that can be fixed to the O2 mount, you can see it attached in the picture above.)
– Screw and bolt with a washer.
– Emotionally okay drilling a small hole through your TrackIR Clip Pro and HGU-55/p

Step 1: Pull out headphones from the Helmet.

At least with the HGU-55p pulling out the headphone is super easy .Save them if you want to. The “ear muffs” easily detach from the helmet, just gently remove the speakers from them and pull the wires from the mounting hole in the helmet.

With the old headphones removed you’re ready for the next step

Step 2: Drill a small hole for the screw/nut/washer.

After you have removed the old headphones, find a logical place to mount your TrackIR Clip Pro. Drill one hole through the bottom clip of the Track Clip Pro and drill a mounting hole into the helmet.

Then thread the screw through both and BAM – your Clip Pro is mounted. I used only one hole so I had more flexibility in adjusting/pivoting the Clip Pro. IE: pivoting up slightly, down, etc. Just tighten it enough where it needs a firm motion to move.

Here you can see where I drilled the hole on the Clip Pro and the rough position of where the hole is on the helmet.

Step 3: Destroy your headphones and place speakers into the “ear muffs”.

Carefully remove all plastic or whatever material surrounds your headphones. Be very careful not to break any of the wires. If you do then some mild soldering will be necessary. This happened to me a couple times – I just soldered the connections back and everything was fine.

Here are the headphones added into the “ear muffs”. I used a little electrical tape to give some slack to the cords so nothing would pull and break some of the more fragile connections.
Here is the speaker set into the “ear muff” on the front side.

Step 4: Mount the Microphone and clean up the wires.

With the microphone above you can easily still the magnet to the O2 mount and then just clip the microphone to the magnet. I suggest doing this on the left side of the helmet as all of your wires are contained to one side. However you can do this to whatever side makes sense/comfortable for you.

Clean up all of the wires, use zip-ties where necessary and you’re done!

Microphone and all of the wires cleaned up. I used a piece of electrical tape on the Clip Pro to keep it fastened together.

That’s it. It is a very simple modification that does not require any advanced techniques.

Guppy, out.

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