Working on V.II

Hey all – I’ve been on another little hiatus, as of late. One of the reasons why is I’ve been working on a new version of my SimPit. This new version will have many features that the original one did not and improve existing features. I’ve learned a lot since making the original and having used it for over 6 months, I’ve found a lot of personal pros/cons with it that I would like to address.

Oh boy! Is that an Ejection Seat?!

New Features:

  • EJECTION SEAT! (get yours from; he provides a CAD layout and you just send it off to get manufactured!)
  • Modular Panels; these can be pulled out and replaced for a small cost.
  • Room for more toggles/buttons/rotaries
  • Flexible for any throttle
  • Better viewing ergonomics for the front console and game screen
  • Floor – I’m sick of seeing carpet under me
  • Modular and easier to move.
  • No back, looks less like one of those “race car beds”
Structure is similar as V.1

You can start to see how the floor will assist in the overall construction.
The square holes you see on the left/right side consoles by the front consoles will act like a vertical panel, allowing for Gear/Flaps/Hook switches to be mounted.
Not only is the angle of the dashboard relative to your eyes better, but it has been moved up and slight away, to allow more seamless viewing of the main monitor, as well as the L/R MDFs.
Modular Panels can be replaced, moved or swapped.
The new front console is sleeker, but also allows for the use of more toggles and such. In front of the stick you’ll see a large gap, this will be filled with more modular panels.
The floor is 1″ MDF that has recessed areas to allow for easy building and structural integrity.

That’s it! I’ll post more as I get further into development. All of the existing screens and such will work with this version. It’s purely a structure/framework design change.

Guppy, out.

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